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Node.js Blog App with Ejs & MongoDB

Node.js Blog App with Ejs & MongoDB
Node.js Blog App with Ejs & MongoDB

Node.js Blog App with Ejs & MongoDB

Making apps with Node.js and MongoDB, and getting an EJS template.

What you’ll learn

Node.js Blog App with Ejs & MongoDB

  • This lesson will teach you about JavaScript.
  • EJS is a good way to make apps because it’s easy to write code.
  • You can use NodeJs to make a server and a routing system.
  • Connect to MongoDB so that we can send and receive data in our app.


  • HTML, CSS, and javascript are helpful, but not required, for people to know.


The first thing we’ll do in this course is to learn about JavaScript. Then we’ll move on to Node.js, where we’ll make our first server. Afterwards, we will take care of requests and replies to our pages. Later, we will move them to EJS and change the layout to make it easier for us to write code and make the code on each file smaller. Finally, we connect to MongoDB and cover the CRUD method in the app. In a test.js file, we send commands to the backend and see the results in our console, so we know how to use it.

We connect the backend to our app so we can show data for our blog post. We put our code in a controller, models, and middleware folder to make it easier to find and read. We make a way for people to sign up, log in, and log out, and for people to have to be approved before they can post. Finally, we add a text editor to the “Create a Post” page and send it to Heroku. Before we put the files we made online, I go over what we did and make sure that you didn’t forget anything or that you aren’t getting errors.

CRUD operations with Node and MongoDB will be easier for you to understand after taking this course. You will also be able to start making your own apps from scratch. When you make one, please show me. I’d love to see how it looks.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, backend developers, developers from other languages, and college students who need to learn about the basic structure of a full-stack web project are all welcome.

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