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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

Slides that aren’t very interesting can be turned into a presentation that will make your audience want to be more excited.

What you’ll learn

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Making a simple PowerPoint presentation.
  • Infographics: Working with them.
  • When I work with Master Slides.
  • Adding animation to text and other things.
  • Moving between two slides with a transition in the middle
  • Putting in Audio and Video.
  • As I work with tables.
  • Linking a table in Excel to a table in PowerPoint.
  • Inserting a Header and a Footer.
  • Applying the Themes.
  • Make your presentation into a show.


  • Should know how to use the Windows operating system.


You need to build up the story, show up with a strong presence, and make your audience want to follow you.

This Microsoft PowerPoint training course is meant to teach new users how to make and present professional-looking presentations with text, tables, diagrams, charts, and pictures, as well as give them advice on how to make presentations.

Change that by giving students the tools they need to make simple, clear, and beautiful slides. This will help the speaker give a better presentation. In this class, you will learn about universal design principles and how to use templates, colors and typefaces, as well as how to use photos and pictograms, as well as how to make charts and diagrams that are clear and understandable.

In this Microsoft PowerPoint class, you’ll learn about how to put your own unique twist on PowerPoint slides. If you already know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and want to learn more about how you can be creative with it, this is the class for you.

During this class, you should be able to do things.

  1. With InfoGraphics, you can make an organisational structure.
  2. Add a table from Excel to PowerPoint.
  3. Then, add sound and videos.
  4. Work with the different slide layouts.
  5. Make and use Smart Arts.
  6. Cropping and shrinking the size of images.
  7. When I work with Master Slides.
  8. Adding animation and transitions to the video, as well.
  9. With Master Slide and Section.
  10. Making Your Presentation into a PowerPoint Show to Share.
  11. Making Your Presentation into a Video.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn how to make beautiful presentations with Infographics.

Microsoft PowerPoint

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