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Create Movie API Using PHP

Create Movie API Using PHP
Create Movie API Using PHP

Create Movie API Using PHP

Start from Scratch and write PHP to make a Movie API from scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • Use PHP to make a Movies API from scratch.
  • Install the PHP Work Environment now.
  • Connect to a database with PHP.
  • Learn how to make database tables.
  • Add movies to the database.
  • Add movies to the list of things to do
  • Get movies from the library.
  • Get a movie by its name.
  • Learn how to make a GET request
  • Requests for POSTs should be made, as well
  • Many more things…


  • The Internet is working.
  • Intermediate skills with PHP.
  • PCs that run MAC or Windows can be used on a PC.


In this course, you’ll learn how to make a Movies API from scratch in PHP that can make, update, and delete movies from a database. The process has never been so simple. I’ll show you how to install PHP and how to build an API in PHP from start to finish.

Create a Movies API with PHP:

API stands for an interface for applications to use. When I build an API for movies, I’ll use PHP. If you know a lot about PHP and MySql, then this course is for you. PHP is a server-side programming language that is used to make APIs. It is thought to be one of the best programming languages to use to make APIs. Furthermore, an API is an important part of more advanced web apps. Learning how to make one will put you on the right path to a great job in Back-end Web Development. As a result, many people don’t pay attention to what front-end developers can do. However, without the back-end side, the whole process would be meaningless and could even break down!

Some of the things you’ll study in PHP Build Movies API are:

  1. How to Install PHP and Create a New Project
  2. How to build a database for movies.
  3. Make a table for movies in your database.
  4. Filling your tables with data as rapidly as possible.
  5. In PHP, you may create RESTful APIs.
  6. How to add movies to your database.
  7. Learn how to acquire a movie based on your ID.
  8. How to locate a film based on its title.
  9. How do you obtain all of the movies in your database?
  10. Update information on a certain film.
  11. Remove a film from your collection.
  12. Codes for responses.
  13. Documentation for the API.
  14. And a whole lot more!

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to work with PHP on the back end.
  • Developers of PHP.
  • People who want to make APIs for their apps.

Create Movie API Using PHP

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