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Bootstrap From Scratch – Fast and Responsive Web Development Course

Bootstrap From Scratch - Fast and Responsive Web Development Course Build Projects and Master Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3 with Mobile-First Design and More
Bootstrap From Scratch - Fast and Responsive Web Development Course Build Projects and Master Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3 with Mobile-First Design and More

Bootstrap From Scratch – Fast and Responsive Web Development Course

Build Projects and Master Responsive Web Development with Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3 with Mobile-First Design and More

What you’ll learn

Bootstrap From Scratch – Fast and Responsive Web Development Course

  • Learn and create amazing high-quality Bootstrap 4 themes and UIs from scratch
  • Learn semantic HTML5 & modern CSS3 techniques
  • Build Responsive Websites
  • Learn the Bootstrap 4 utilities, classes, components & JS widgets with an online editor
  • Master the best practices for HTML, CSS, and JS development
  • Learn to create beautiful, responsive websites quickly and painlessly
  • Use the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and Flexbox alongside Bootstrap 4
  • Get a brief overview of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for complete beginners
  • Use the Bootstrap 4 Grid system to create complex, fluid layouts


  • No coding experience necessary
  • No Bootstrap 3 experience necessary


Bootstrap is currently the single most used library on all of Github, beating out other tools like React and Angular! It’s immensely popular, and with good reason: it makes creating responsive websites a breeze.

This course will take you from knowing nothing about Bootstrap 3 or 4 to learning all of the utilities, components, widgets, and grids and building real-world themes and websites. You do NOT need to know Bootstrap 3 for this course.
This course will take you from a complete beginner to a Bootstrap 4 expert in a matter of hours!

Or, if you already know Bootstrap 3, this course will serve as a complete guide to all the new changes and improvements in Bootstrap 4. By the time we’re done, you’ll master every single component, the power grid system, and the brand-new utility classes.

Build projects including:

  • Build beautiful navigation quickly with Bootstrap’s styled navigation components.
  • Use Bootstrap’s powerful, responsive navigation header, the navbar. Includes support for branding, navigation, and more, including support for our collapse plugin.
  • Build a slideshow component for cycling through elements—images or slides of text—like a carousel.
  • Build service pages for your product with featurettes
  • Learn how to design mobile-first
  • Build a contact form for email, messages, and more
  • Build a footer quickly with Bootstrap’s components
  • Learn how to Build an image header with text overlay
  • Build a pricing page
  • And much more!

These projects are free for you to use for your clients, projects, and anywhere you need.

In just a matter of hours, you can add skills to your resume:

  • Learn the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript if you have no coding experience.
  • Download Bootstrap to get the compiled CSS and JavaScript, source code, or include it with your favorite package managers like npm, RubyGems, and more.
  • Use Bootstrap’s powerful mobile-first flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes thanks to a twelve-column system, five default responsive tiers, Sass variables and mixins, and dozens of predefined classes.
  • Use Bootstrap’s display utilities for responsively toggling common values of the display property. Mix it with their grid system, content, or components to show or hide them across specific viewports.
  • Quickly manage the layout, alignment, and sizing of grid columns, navigation, components, and more with a full suite of responsive flexbox utilities.
  • Use .flex-grow-* and more utilities to toggle a flex item’s ability to fill available space.
  • Set up a template you can reuse for any project.
  • Implement icons fast with Bootstrap’s first time ever own icon library, custom-designed and built for our components and documentation.
  • And more…

By the end of the course we’ll be building complete, responsive websites that look great on all devices. In addition, since Bootstrap 4 is now built on top of Flexbox, we spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of Flexbox along the way!

Don’t wait! Enroll while spots are open.

Watch a preview video or sign up and see why Bootstrap is currently the most popular front-end library around. It makes developing good-looking websites incredibly easy (and fun!)


  • Lifetime access that never expires
  • Project-based curriculum to super-boost your portfolio
  • Graduation certificate for every course
  • Absolute beginner-friendly
  • New courses every month
  • Efficient lectures with step by step explanations
  • Relevant industry topics 8 years of award-winning course delivery
  • 700,000 students in 186 countries
  • Learn with free tools and affordable courses


Alexandra Kropova, Software Developer at Mammoth Interactive INC.

Alexandra Kropova is a software developer specializing in Java and JavaScript, with extensive experience in full-stack web development and app development. She has helped produce courses for Mammoth Interactive INC. since 2016.


Captivating voice, easy to follow at a rapid pace, get some paper and fasten your seat-belts. I’m enjoying every second of this.


I have completed many Udemy and Skillshare tutorials. This one is the most outstanding one that I have seen thus far. It is doubtful that it could be topped. This is a superior tutorial. Amazing.



When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Do I get course certificates?

Yes, a course certificate will be generated at the end of each course you complete! Along with projects, certificates are a way you can prove your work on LinkedIn.

Do I have to show up at a particular place or a particular time?

No, each course happens online, and you can take it from any place where you have an internet connection. All lectures are prerecorded so you can watch them at any time that works for you. Of course, you can also enjoy all the lectures on your phone and tablet.

How much time do I need in order to take each course?

You can spend as much or as little time as you want. With Lifetime Access, there is no expiry. You aren’t required to complete the course within a certain time period. You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain skills.

What if I’m not good with technology?

The majority of Mammoth Interactive students are complete beginners. Even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t feel left out. All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon. Each course starts from scratch and builds up your knowledge substantially in steps. Students from age 5 to 70 have successfully completed our courses. And just in case you get stuck, you can always ask any questions under each lecture, which will be promptly answered by one of my team members.

What if I’m an experienced developer?

Stack Overflow’s yearly developer survey found that developers over age 50 start to make less than their younger counterparts. Don’t become one of the people affected by skill stagnation. Enroll in our school to future-proof your career for life. If you’re an experienced developer, you will still benefit from Mammoth Interactive courses. By starting from scratch with each course, you will revisit the fundamentals and undo bad coding habits. You’ll also find it easier to pick up new languages, making you able to take more courses and broaden your skillset.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn/master Bootstrap 4.4.x and build real-world themes
  • Last updated 5/2020

Bootstrap From Scratch – Fast and Responsive Web Development Course

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